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Cleo’s mission is to serve artists, dismissing the predilection towards a favor based economy in the art world and helping support the livelihoods of under exhibited artists as a redefinition of the balance of power between gallery and artist.

We provide honorariums to our exhibiting artists and well as full shipping reimbursement for out of town makers.

We believe in transparency and as such will be publishing on our website the allocation of funds for each exhibition cycle at the close of the show.

The library within the gallery hosts a revolving selection of 3-4 publications from the owner’s personal library of artists books, magazines, catalogues, poetry books and novels for viewing at the space over each exhibition period. These selections will be archived on our website and available to be brought to the gallery space for viewings, by request, outside of their initial showcase.

Founder and Director: Jeanette McCune

Gallery Assistant: Elizabeth Sloas

Art Handler: Zach Cox

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